Hearts of Yolo: Judith Plank

Thursday, Dec 13, 2018

Judith Plank never had children of her own but always felt a calling to help children. She felt that calling, coupled with her professional background as a counselor made her a great fit for the CASA program. “I’ve known about CASA for years and the time was right this year to make an impact. I’ve had my CASA child since August.”

Judith’s CASA child is a four year-old girl. “Her social worker told me she was quiet before our first meeting, but all I can remember is how exuberant she was when we met for the first time. She’s such a delightful, wonderful little girl.”

Judith has so many special memories from her visits with her CASA child so far, but one that really stands out is when she missed her only visit with her CASA child over labor day weekend. “The next week she told me how much she missed me. I didn’t know our visits meant so much to her and I was very touched.”

Because of her professional background and her CASA training, Judith recognizes that her CASA child is grieving and has gone through trauma. “I think an important part of my job is to watch for the effects of trauma and grief and to make sure she is supported when I see those things.”

As Judith reflects on her role as a CASA volunteer, she says first and foremost that it’s “a place for her (CASA child) to feel safe and trust an adult. It’s important that these kids know that there are adults out there who they can depend on and trust.”

Reflecting on the past few months, Judith says, “It’s just an incredible experience to help in this way. I just saw my CASA child today and it completely made my day. Being a CASA volunteer is a gift to all parties involved.”

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