Jenny Amarante-Revis

Thursday, Jan 24, 2019

Working with children has always been part of Board Member Jenny Amarante-Revis’ life. She coached youth sports all throughout high school and college and while attending law school at Santa Clara University, she volunteered for a nonprofit organization helping children who had been incarcerated. It was there she first heard about the CASA program, “I remember first hearing about the CASA program in law school. When I learned what it was all about, I knew that someday I would be more involved in it.”

A few years ago, Jenny’s husband had a job change that brought the couple to Sacramento. “I looked into Yolo County CASA when I arrived in the area but I was pregnant with twins at the time, so it was the wrong time to apply to be a volunteer.” However, Jenny soon met Past Board President Ginni Davis through a local fitness studio and Ginni talked to her about the Yolo County CASA board. “It just all made sense. At that point I was a mother and I saw firsthand the importance of a stable adult relationship in a child’s life. I also knew I could use my background to make a difference.”

Jenny has been on the Yolo County CASA Board of Directors for almost a year, and what stands out to her is the things she hears from CASA volunteers that most people take for granted each day. “You hear things like kids going to the library or zoo for the first time—things I do regularly with my kids, and you realize how necessary CASA volunteers are—in so many ways.”

As for the future, Jenny is excited about her work on the Board, “There is a lot of work to do. We are working very hard toward our lofty goal of serving every foster child in Yolo County who needs one with a CASA volunteer. There are many incremental steps to get there, and I look forward to helping with this growth initiative that is going to fill such a great need.” Jenny also plans to become a CASA volunteer someday. “I am currently focused on all the work we need to do on the board to help Yolo County CASA grow, but someday, I also plan to become a CASA volunteer.”


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