Hearts of Yolo Profile: Ashley Snee Giovannettone

Thursday, Nov 9, 2017

Ashley Snee Giovannettone discovered Yolo County CASA when she was looking for ways to help foster children. Ashley has two young children of her own and works as a consultant. Despite her busy life, she has always felt called to help. “My husband and I have talked about becoming foster parents someday, but right now being a CASA volunteer is where I am concentrating my energy.”

Ashley is motivated by her desire to advocate for vulnerable kids and her belief that all children should feel valued and encouraged to pursue their full potential in life. “As CASA volunteers, we get to help these kids see that despite the difficulties they’ve been through, they are incredibly valued and have an important place in this world.”

Ashley has had two CASA children. Her first CASA child was preschool aged, and her current one is a teenager. With each, she has come to a common realization. “As a mother, I am always tempted to try and fix things, and while advocacy is the primary job of a CASA volunteer, I also quickly realized that just showing up and being a dependable adult in a foster child’s life can be so healing for them.”

A pivotal moment that stands out to Ashley as a CASA volunteer is when her CASA child commented to her that she believes there are a lot of people in the dependency system motivated by money. Ashley responded by letting her CASA youth know that she is a volunteer. “After I said that, she was quiet for a while, and I think it really reinforced the fact that our only motivation is standing by and advocating for kids. I’m grateful to be part of an organization that reinforces the inherent worth and importance of each child.”

Ashley encourages anyone who has room in their heart and a little time in their schedule to become a CASA volunteer. “I promise you will not think of it as another item on your ‘to do’ list. You will have the opportunity to change a child’s life, but be prepared for yours to change as well. Being a CASA volunteer is a meaningful experience for everyone involved.”

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