Hears of Yolo: Brian Buckley

Thursday, Apr 5, 2018

          Brian Buckley arrived in California a year and a half ago when his wife accepted a faculty position at UC Davis. Originally from Connecticut, he had spent the past 11 years working for the Connecticut Department of Social Services. “My degree is in criminal justice and I’ve always had a passion for people going through tough times. Lots of things happen in this world that aren’t fair and out of our control. I like to help in those situations.”

                Brian has been an advocate supervisor at Yolo County CASA since January. “I wanted to find a position where I could really touch people’s lives and I am especially passionate about children in need.”

                Specifically, Brian has a special interest in rehabbing delinquent children. “In the same way that there are systems in place to rehab adults who have made minor transgressions, I am passionate about ensuring those systems are working for juveniles as well. Some of our foster youth fall into those categories and I want to make sure they have hope and a pathway to a different life.”

                Brian has been moved by the CASA volunteers he works with. “It’s not your average volunteer job. Our CASA volunteers are passionate and committed to making a huge difference in the lives of the foster children they serve. Their effort and dedication is unmatched.”

As for the future, Brian hopes to serve children in crisis for a long time. And, someday, when his schedule allows, he'd also like to become a CASA volunteer. “It’s hard not to be inspired to become a CASA volunteer working in my job. When the time is right, I definitely will pursue it.”

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