Hearts of Yolo: Andrea Mayer

Thursday, Aug 30, 2018

Andrea Mayer has lived in Yolo County for over two decades and loves her community. “I am a land use planner and my husband is a consultant for a statewide nonprofit. We also are growers and producers in an Olive Oil business and we just love the Yolo County Community.” In fact, it was the sense of community that drew Andrea to Yolo County CASA. “Board Member Susan Lovenburg first introduced my husband and I to Yolo County CASA when she invited us to the dinner and auction. I was immediately moved by both the mission of the organization and the passion of the volunteers, donors and staff.”

Andrea comes from a culture of giving back to women and children’s organizations. She remembers her mother doing a lot of volunteer work for like causes in San Joaquin County. “I am one of five and my husband is one of six children. We’ve always been grateful for our ‘normal’ childhoods but know that’s not the case for all kids. My mom’s volunteer work illustrated inequity to me from a very young age and I’ve always felt strongly about giving back.”

Andrea has been on Yolo County CASA’s Advisory Board for over a year and her main goal is to increase awareness of the organization throughout the Yolo County. “Many people know about Yolo County CASA but may not know how great the need is. I, myself, was surprised to know just how many children are in the Yolo County Dependency System. I know we will serve every child someday, but we have to work tirelessly and creatively to gain additional support to fulfill CASA’s mission.”

CASA volunteers themselves inspire Andrea too. “Serving every foster child in Yolo County with a CASA volunteer is inspiration enough for me to work extremely hard on getting the word out. However, the CASA volunteers themselves are angels. They selflessly give their time and emotion to a child who really needs a trusting adult relationship. It isn’t always easy and I am inspired by them every day.”

Andrea also appreciates Yolo County CASA’s staff. “The staff is selfless and dedicated. They volunteer a lot of their time and are truly in it for the kids. I am excited to be part of the effort to grow Yolo County CASA as an organization and cannot think of a better team.”

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