Hearts of Yolo: Connie Campos

Thursday, Oct 11, 2018

When Connie Campos found out she could not have children of her own, she became certified to be a foster parent. However, shortly after becoming certified, she learned that circumstances would not allow her to be a foster parent at that time. Connie remembered finding out about Yolo County CASA as she was researching the foster care system and there happened to be an upcoming training. She applied, was accepted, and has been a CASA volunteer for several months.

Connie’s CASA child is a teenage boy. When they first met, they both talked about their expectations for one another. “He said he wants to have a positive influence in his life that he can talk to and trust, and at the end of the day call a friend. I thought that was pretty poignant for a teenage boy.”

Over the past several months, Connie has enjoyed watching her CASA child grow into his identity and feel secure in who he is. “There have been a few moments that have been overwhelming emotionally because I am so proud of him and the way he handles some really hard stuff in life.”

For example, Connie’s CASA child recently found out he would be going to a school that he really didn’t want to go to. At first he was really upset about the whole situation but there was really no alternative. “Finally he and I talked about reframing the situation. At our next visit he told me that he was going to make the best of things and take the situation as an opportunity to show everyone at the new school his capabilities. This is an example of one of those big moments for him that make me so proud.”

Religion is a topic that comes up often during Connie’s visits with her CASA youth because she believes in God but her CASA youth does not. “We have really reasonable conversations about it and while we don’t always agree, we respect each other’s views. Again, this shows so much maturity for a teenage boy.” Connie continues, “There was one day where he recently told me that he thinks there might be a God after all. I was surprised that he said that and asked him why. He told me that there are a lot of good things happening in his life and told me thank you for being one of them. Wow. I will never forget that compliment.”

As Connie reflects on her experience as a CASA volunteer, she says, “My main goal is to be a constant for him. I want him to know that no matter what he does, someone will be there for him. He’s been very clear with me that he’s never had that in his life before.”

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