Hearts of Yolo: Vickie Rafter

Thursday, Aug 25, 2016

Vickie Rafter has always had a heart for public service. She began her career as a federal law enforcement agent and came to Yolo County in 1997 as a civilian working in the air force. Vickie was stationed at McClellan and her husband, an active duty pilot, was stationed at Travis Air Force Base so they put down roots in between in Davis. After the arrival of her daughter in 2005, Vickie moved on from being a federal agent and started working for a private investigative firm, Califorensics, which ultimately brought her to Yolo County CASA.

“In 2010 I was working at Califorensics. A previous executive director for Yolo County CASA had embezzled funds. She was prosecuted, convicted, and spent time in prison. After the investigation I was asked to be on the board of directors for Yolo County CASA. I was flattered and surprised and had always missed public service since being an agent. It was an easy ‘yes.’ I loved the idea of serving in a way that had a positive effect on children who were less fortunate than my daughter.”

Vickie is treasurer of Yolo County CASA and in that role, sees firsthand the generosity of its community of supporters. “At first I would always be surprised by the benevolence of our community at events and through individual donations. Now, after being on the board for an extended period, it is no longer unexpected but I still think it is amazing how so many people come together for such a worthy cause. It is philanthropy at its finest.”

In addition to donors, Vickie also appreciates the dedication and passion of the current executive director and staff. “They give a tremendous amount of their time in volunteer hours. When you walk into the office at Yolo County CASA, you are surrounded by mission driven, incredible people. I am inspired by our mission to recruit and train volunteers from the community to advocate for abused and neglected children in the foster system, arguably one or our most vulnerable populations.”

As for the future, Vickie plans to continue supporting Yolo County CASA for years to come and reflects on its meaning to her, “I was welcomed into this world by loving parents, who may not have given me everything I wanted but have always given me what I needed. They afforded me great opportunities for which I am very grateful. Our foster youth are not as fortunate. I want them to have the same opportunities I had growing up, and I believe a caring adult and mentor can make a difference and ensure our foster children’s voices are heard and their needs are met.”

Thank you, Vickie, for everything you bring to our Yolo County CASA community.


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