Hearts of Yolo: Jen Boschee-Danzer

Thursday, Sep 15, 2016

Jen Boschee-Danzer came to Davis thirteen years ago with her family to pursue an advanced degree in sociology at UC Davis, a subject that has driven her career since, “In my studies I became fascinated by the way social circumstances and environments can transform an individual’s life—for better or worse—and I knew that I wanted my professional and volunteer endeavors to be focused on transforming lives for the better.”

When Jen completed her studies, she worked at the homeless shelter in Davis through Davis Community Meals, running the family transitional housing program. It was in that position that she was exposed to Yolo County CASA. “I loved helping families get back on their feet. Some families would have active cases with Child Protective Services and as I helped them navigate their next steps, I became acquainted with many dedicated CASA volunteers who advocated for the children in these families.”

After four years at Davis Community Meals, Jen moved on to work at Yolo County CASA as an advocate supervisor and has been there for nearly two years. “I was adopted when I was a day old. While I was never in the system, I did navigate complex emotions of attachment and loss when I searched for my birth parents. Because of that, I have always cared deeply for children who were displaced from their families and working at Yolo County CASA was a natural calling for me.” Since arriving in her position at Yolo County CASA, Jen has been promoted to Program Manager and became a CASA volunteer herself. “I am honored to come to work every day and spend my day with people who do so much for others.”

Outside of Yolo County CASA, Jen wears many other hats. She and her husband have 17 and 19 year-old daughters and she volunteers as the Davis AYSO regional commissioner, a job requiring dozens of extra hours a week. Prior to that, Jen volunteered for many local educational causes including school advisory committees, school parcel tax campaigns, and school board campaigns. “Volunteerism means a lot to me. It very powerfully shows my kids that I am dedicated to being there for them in the same way our CASA volunteers show foster children that they are there for them.”

Juggling everything can be a challenge, but Jen says it naturally falls into place. “Many of the volunteers I work with say that the time commitment doesn’t feel like a commitment at all because they are so passionate about their CASA child and making sure the outcome for that child is as good as it can be. I feel the exact same way about my full-time job at Yolo County CASA and all of my volunteer commitments both for my children and Yolo County’s foster children. Passion for the activities I involve myself in helps me make the most of every second of the day and fit it all in.”

Thank you, Jen, for everything you do to make the community a better place. We are very grateful for your dedication to Yolo County CASA.

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