Hearts of Yolo: Beth Canevari

Thursday, Oct 20, 2016

After Beth Canevari’s two children left for college, she began searching for a cause with which to become more involved. A friend of hers was already involved in Yolo County CASA and encouraged her to give it a try. “As I researched the organization, it seemed like a great volunteer opportunity so I applied for a training.” Nearly seven years later, Beth is still seeing her CASA child. “It’s been wonderful to watch her grow up. I was assigned to her when she was 11 and she is almost 18.”

As Beth reflects on her experiences as a CASA, she highlights some of the times she was able to give her CASA child special experiences. “Over the years I’ve been able to give my CASA child experiences she had not had before. For example, she had never been to the zoo at eleven years old.”

Among other special memories was when Beth took the day off of work to bring her CASA child cupcakes for her school class on her birthday. “When I walked in you should have seen her face. She was so excited and told me no one had ever done that for her before. Things like that really highlight the realities that foster children face. Cupcakes on a birthday seem so simple and are something most children just expect.”

Speaking of realities, Beth has followed her foster child to several different placements and advocated for her along the way. “Some of the placements were not good so I worked closely with social workers and advocated in court to get her better placements. I am really happy with where she is now.”

Watching her CASA child grow up has been one of the Beth’s favorite parts of being a CASA. “My CASA child appreciates the opportunities that have been given to her. She is at the age now where she realizes that her life would have been very different had she not been removed from the situation she was in. It has been moving to see her grow and blossom and come to these realizations, and I’ve tried to be as supportive and consistent as possible with her.”

Beth has always worked full-time as a physical therapist and notes that the time commitment can be challenging but that you figure out a way. “Being a CASA was always a priority for me. I looked forward to our visits every week or two. I knew she needed a stable relationship and I didn’t take the responsibility lightly.”

As for the future, Beth plans to continue serving as a CASA volunteer to her current CASA child and to hopefully stay in touch when the formal CASA relationship ends. “I hope that we always stay in touch. I can’t express how wonderful it’s been to be part of her life and help her find her way for so many years.”

Thank you, Beth for everything you have done to touch the life of a foster child.


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