Hearts of Yolo: Carol Brummerstedt

Thursday, Jul 20, 2017

Carol Brummerstedt moved to Yolo County six years ago from Berkeley after taking care of her mother before her passing. Her husband had been doing business in Sacramento and her daughter was also living in the area so it seemed like a great fit. So did becoming a CASA volunteer.

“I first heard about CASA because a good friend of mine in the Bay Area was a CASA volunteer. The time wasn’t right then since I was caring for my mother. When I moved to Davis, everything seemed to line up. I called the office, spoke with the executive director, and applied. I’ve been a CASA volunteer ever since the training a few months later.”

As Carol reflects on her experience, she emphasizes how wonderful the kids are. “I’ve had two CASA cases so far and the kids are amazing. Considering all they’ve been through, I never expected them to have such a delightful demeanor. They are so appreciative and never ask for anything. It makes me kind of sad when I think about what they’ve been through and what they’ve gone without.”

Carol makes it a point to give her CASA children experiences that will be special and memorable. “I will never forget my last visit with my first CASA child. She loved the Capital Dome so we went to see it and then went to the State Capital Museum and a fancy lunch.”

As important as these special experiences are, Carol also highlights the importance of simple activities. “Just the other week I brought a puzzle to do with my CASA child on our visit.  I had planned to do it with her at the park but it was a very hot day so we went to the CASA office and did it in the boardroom. She did an incredible job and we chatted about how things were going while she did it. Sometimes the simplest visits give you the greatest insights to how things are going.”

Carol also emphasizes the importance of the advocacy component to being a CASA volunteer. “The judge always asks for the CASA volunteer’s input and I know it’s taken seriously.”

As for the future, Carol would like to continue being a CASA volunteer as long as her physical health allows it. “I am 73 years old and starting to feel tired more easily. I will listen to my body and be a CASA volunteer as long as I feel able. It’s one of the most rewarding things I’ve ever done and I’ve loved being a part of these children’s lives.”

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